Oxy Jet Leo de Luxe - from 50 Euro

Mesotherapy - 100 - 160 Euro
Biorevitalization - 140 - 250 Euro

1 dose 6-8 Euro

RF lifting / Endermologie / LPG Systems ~ 30 Euro

Lip fillers / Threads face / lift or body from - 220 Euro

Mezo needling – dermoroller - from 50 Euro
Mesodissolution (no surgery liposuction) - from 80 Euro

At Kika-style beauty salons, we offer a number of anti-age services to help you meet your goals for a more youthful, contoured look. Depending on your targets, service may be completed in one SOS-session or in number of stages by our certified dermatologists.
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Body contouring and improvements to your body`s shape can be achived by reducing excess fat and sagging ski.

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