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Kika-style provides high quality comfortable hair-rejuvenating rituals. In the midst of the care a lot of time is given to the massage, you get a luxurious treatment, complete satisfaction and relaxation. Sign up for "Absolute happiness for the hair"

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Do you need more naturality?

Discover MATERIA from Lebel! Let go of the bright highlighting and try stretching the color using a line of products for hair coloring from brand Lebel. You will get complete satisfaction from the appearance of strengthened hair after dyeing, with a subtle color transition between the roots and the rest of your hair.


Who provides the service:

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The creative director of Kika-style Natalia Radovinskaya, relying on her many years of experience and teaching (more than 20 years), receives exceptional in beauty samples of hair coloring with Japanese dyes from the brand Lebel.

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The delicacy of coloring is especially noticeable in the soft color transition, when the hair begins to grow. The depth of filling with color, the full coverage of gray hair, the durability of the paint and the improvement of the structure of the hair are the reasons why customers choose the coloring from Lebel.


Do you need a paint that will cure and strengthen the hair?

A rejuvenating hair dye MATERIA changes the traditional concept of creating colors. Applying clear colors and reducing tarnish, Materia from Lebel adds depth and brilliance. A saturated color composition reveals the color from the core of the hair.

A new sense of deep color is synchronized with the sensitivity of the hair. Sensitivity is usually referred to as the degree of structural damage. MATERIA fills the voids, strengthening the structure of the hair, while the color is distributed evenly and is not washed away.

At the moment when you imagine how hair can look, MATERIA fuses with the imagination to create the hair color of your dream with a long lasting result.

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