Violet with ashen correct yellow and copper shades. But if a stylist doesn’t understand the base of coloring the needed color won’t be achieved.

Kika-style PRO do this way:

1. Prepare a «background» by doing bleaching.

Prepare the mixture at low percentage (6%). Blonding will take longer however lightening will make your hair as light as if you used 12% emulsion, but the state of your hair would be better

enlightened We are talking exactly about blonding and not about the dye enlightened

Superblond dyes are mixed with 9-12% emulsions immediately. This is mandatory, correct and provided for dying with a lightening effect of natural hair.

2. Start with the darkest area. So that «sweeping out» of pigments was easily controlled apply the mixture consistently, picking small sections of hair (veil) on the foil, keep layers straight without rolling or bending.

3. Thoroughly apply lightening just 2-2.5 cm away from the skin of your head. Each section lays on a different sheet, so that you may check it and stroke it up with a brush. The sections will remain warm. Don’t be afraid to leave the sections as you finish the application.

4. Then return and apply mixture on the roots.

5. Check the ends and if needed apply fresh 3-6% mixture. Remove foil when you achieve the balance of roots and length (remove it in the washer before washing hair).

6. Finish washing the hair, if the client is interested in structure improvement and can afford it, enlightenedprepare care treatment or add special elements to pastel toning dye mixture.

Toning is done at low percentage of emulsion. But a mandatory prerequisite is a well-done, clean blonding. The lighter the base the less there are copper and yellow pigments. So, enlightenedif you want not too light blond, and dark / grey shades suit you, there is no need to extend the background lightening to reach the whiteenlightened

Is it possible to achieve superblond with a first try? You need to give the stylist a chance to judge the situation, so that you don’t get superblond on fallen off hair. Anyhow hair is vulnerable in the lightest colors. Thus many short and mid-length cuts are seen with an ideal shade of blond.

Specially or accidentally, if hair is dry, fragile during the growth, blondes prefer shorter length and a very beautiful total blond. Long-haired blondes choose « more golden strands, lightened using different methods:

Methods: Ombre / highlighting in foil or open method / Airtouch / Balayage

Regular (every 3-5 weeks) coloring of grown out roots

Toning is added to all processes if needed.

Take a look at celebrities, strands often reach beautiful golden shades without whitening. You can make them colder, more pastel, more colorful using toning, but the color will look a bit darker.

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