Biologique Recherche


When purchasing a course of body or face treatments, a 20% discount is available.

Reviews of cosmetics and procedures are available on social media, as the cosmetics of the prestigious French brand has a large number of fans all over the world. A feature of the brand is limited access to the purchase of products. You can buy Biologique Recherche only by the recommendation of a certified cosmetologist in a beauty salon.


Biologique Recherche has an excellent range of products, which are aimed at solving various problems. The main directions that Kika-Style cosmetologists work with can be distinguished as:

  • Body shaping, slimming, cellulite
  • Skin lifting, skin rejuvenation
  • Cleansing, moisturizing the skin
  • Treatment of stretch marks (striae)

Treatments with Biologique Recherche can be supplemented with massage using the Endospheres Therapy apparatus

1. Moisturizing and nourishing the skin includes a regenerating hypoallergenic moisturizing care. The procedure uses P50 phytopeeling with massage with a silicone glove, Emulsion Originelle Regenereante Corps regenerating cream (hypoallergenic).

The procedure can be done on the whole body (legs, buttocks, arms, stomach area, back) or partially on certain areas.

2. Deep cleansing of the skin is an intensive body peeling with regenerating care. Phytopeeling P50, Gommage P50 Corps gommage with massage with a silicone glove, and Emulsion Originelle Regenereante Corps regenerating cream are used.

3. Skin rejuvenation / Stretch marks

Skin tightening and stretch marks prevention are performed in one procedure. Phytopeeling P50, a lifting complex (serum and a booster for treating stretch marks) are used to stimulate turgor, smooth the skin Lift Corps Liquide, Lift Corps Poudre, with silicone glove massage. The procedure can be started with gommage if necessary.

4. Lymphatic drainage, weight loss, cellulite treatment - this treatment is intended for body shaping. It includes the P50 phyto peeling with a silicone glove massage, Aux Huiles Essentielles Mc110 gel wrap, and a regenerating treatment. Gommage is also performed if necessary.

5. Anti-cellulite treatment includes P50 phyto peeling with silicone glove massage, Lipogen AC anti-cellulite oil, Creme Amincissante Oxygenante MC 110 oxygen cream, regenerating care.

Each complex can be ordered for all zones or for a specific zone separately. The cost depends on the number of paid procedures. When buying more than 10 procedures, a special price for services is available to the client