- Does it look like medicine?

You almost guessed it. This is how the manipule for SMAS-lifting (facelift and other areas) is packed on the Ulthera System (USA). The essence of the procedure is rejuvenation for those who are not willing to go under the knife of a plastic surgeon.

Ulthera System is the only non-invasive (skin-friendly) focused ultrasound treatment. The procedure is intended for lifting and rejuvenating the skin of the face, neck, décolleté, as well as for the correction of wrinkles. The procedure is performed once every 15-18 months, has no seasonal restrictions, its effectiveness and safety has been scientifically proven. The procedure is approved by the FDA.

- Why is it important to ascertain the origin of the manipule?

There are "reflashed" manipules on the market. You may not notice the difference externally, but the result of the procedure will be different. You should be alarmed by the low cost of the procedure. The addresses of salons and clinics where original equipment is used are indicated on the website of the Ulthera SMAS-lifting representative.


- What do the numbers on the maniple mean?

The numbers are the exposure depth of 3.0 mm.

Each of us is different. Some “grow up” according to the fine-wrinkled type and their skin and subcutaneous fat thickness will be much less than that of those who follow this path according to the deformation type. Since this procedure affects the skin and SMAS, the depth of exposure will be individual for each. And, in order for this procedure to be safe and to have maximum results, the doctor must see the depth at which he works.

This manipule is used for superficial treatment (dermis) in the most popular area: in the upper, middle and lower third of the face, the neck and décolleté area.

- How does Ulthera work?

It allows you to tighten and strengthen the skin and SMAS system without surgery and long-term recovery. The initial lifting effect (about 30%) is noticeable immediately after the Ultherapy procedure. It is caused by the thermal effect on the protein molecules of the skin (collagen and elastin), their contraction at precisely defined points of influence. The further effect is cumulative, develops within 3 months and lasts up to 18 months (depending on the individual characteristics of the client).

Ulthera is the only SMAS-lifting device that has visualization of dermis layers and tissue-muscle connections. What does visualization mean and why is it so important?

The face has a very complex anatomical structure and consists of several layers of dissimilar tissues. There is a thin layer of fat under the skin of the face, which is somewhat thicker in the chin and cheeks. Under this layer on the neck is the superficial neck muscle (platysma).

Below are four layers of muscle. The facial muscles of the upper three layers, together with the platysma, forehead muscles, fasciae and aponeuroses (thin connective tissue films) covering them, make up the superficial musculoaponeurotic system (SMAS). It is this unified system, as a whole, that controls the facial movement of the facial skin.

- What are the advantages of the Ulthera method?

  • there is no need for lengthy preparation for the procedure;
  • there is no rehabilitation period;
  • this procedure is a good solution for those who are not ready for surgery

Indications for the procedure:

  • tightening and firming the skin is non-invasive;
  • stimulation of the collagen formation process, which gives us thickness and lifting of the skin

Possible effects after the procedure:

  • slight reddening of the skin within a few hours after the procedure;
  • minor edema that disappears within 72 hours.

The result of the procedure depends on the selected protocol required for the client. The appointment of the protocol occurs during the consultation, which is mandatory for collecting anamnesis, filling out a client card and receiving answers to questions from both the doctor and the client.

- What type of collagen is produced with RF therapy?

All RF systems stimulate the production of collagen types I and III. But the production of type I collagen is stimulated to a greater extent, since normally the dermis contains it the most.

Prices for the Ulthera SMAS-lifting procedure in Kika-Style, Kiev.