Hair and Makeup

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New York shows the influence of the street style, feminine beauty and the diversity of national colors.

Pastel shades of eyeliner and lashes of the same shade, a particularly striking impression of the pink flower palette (Donna Karan). Neon shade, unusual ornaments by the eyeliner and synthetic hair color (Anna Sui).

Images of clear-minded girls with straight hard look from under thick eyebrows and transparent matte lips (Marc Jacobs). Modernized grunge with peach blush, brightened eyes, well-dyed eyelashes and hair tousled by the wind is more like the images of the girls that have just come to the resort from the metropolis (Filipp Lim).

Gold foil with black eyeliner, make-up with the scent of India (Marchesa). A galaxy of Asian designers demonstrates very well-drawn facial features using colors, blush, shiny and matte textures whole color palette of skin tones - from the lightest shade to the Caribbean tan.

All this is accompanied by braids, tails and braiding hair.


London draws faces by Andy Warhol's paints (Vivienne Westwood), reflects on the royal theme (Bora Aksu), and picking flowers on the hair, makeup, and even on the body.


Milan depicts beauty in different social strata. Fashionable, beautiful young people with a transparent eye makeup and coral lipstick (Prada, Bottega Venetta), with accurately collected hair, fine tails or bangs. Sicilian temperament is strengthened with inner liner of eaves and colored kerchief tied over the hair in the style of the 60's (Dolce & Gabbana).

Unattainable cold girl with the silver eyes and sophisticated styling, demonstrating the unattainability (Giorgio Armani).

Chaste, expressive with pearly radiance of face (Gucci) accompany the glossy tight twist nodes below the neck.


Paris is in the range from ultra-couture to ultra-fashion.

Asymmetrical line of a small hairstyle with cold wave mixed with exaggeratedly long straight line of eyebrows, cold silver and a touch of mocha. Somehow no summertime in Armani Prive.

With special sense are images of Chanel, Stephane Rolland, Jean Paul Gaultier. Hair as if it is not difficult to make: grid, parting, stray strands, root volume - but try to repeat.

In the eye makeup - black eyeliner, enhanced by cold black, brown, silver shadows.

Pure white, green, pink, blue and even yellow winged arrows and dull, almost neon, lips girls Christian Dior.

Ladylike manners keep moist peach shade and hair, tied asymmetrical knot greased back hair (Louis Vuitton).

Interpret images of pop stars 80 (Jean Paul Gaultier) created fantastic designs on the faces (Vivienne Westwood), mixed romance and punk (Jonh Galliano), as well as the style of Twiggy Baby Doll, lengthening lashes and tying overhead ponytails (Moncler Gamme Rouge).