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Endospheres Therapy

Endospheres therapy

Endospheres massage is a painless, innovative therapy. Skin rejuvenation and lifting, improvement of face contour and body silhouette occur simultaneously.

Customers value the Endospheres for its quick effect. The result is noticeable after the first procedure.

Therapy allows you to remove sagging skin. It is recommended to take a course of 8 to 10 procedures. Prices for a set of procedures in our salon are offered at a discount.

The endosphere has no contraindications and is completely healthy. This therapy is absolutely physiological, safe and non-traumatic. The procedure smoothes, tones the skin of the face and body, improves microcirculation, models forms.


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Massage method

Endosphere therapy works on the principles of compression and vibration. Compression microvibration gives us 5 complex effects:

  • Lymphatic drainage - due to lymphatic massage, stagnant intercellular fluid is removed, freeing tissues from decay products. This contributes to a powerful detox and squeezing of healthy cells.
  • Anesthesia - due to a good massage, toxins leave the body and the inflammatory process decreases.
  • Vascularized effect. Vascularization is the germination of new vessels. It occurs by creating a local increase in skin temperature.
  • Body shaping - due to increased lipolysis (fat splitting) and more even distribution of fat cells.
  • A tonic and pronounced anti-aging effect due to stimulation of the production of collagen - elastin fibers - proteins that are responsible for the elasticity and youth of the skin.


The Endospheres is a cylindrical maniple that includes 55 silicone spheres. They are made of hypoallergenic material, revolve around themselves. The cylinder itself also spins around its axis. The spheres are arranged in a certain order - in the form of "honeycombs". The position of the spheres follows the pattern of the connective tissue fibers. The essence of the technique is to transmit low-frequency micro vibration ranging from 29 to 355 Hertz.

Endospheres therapy is used both for the face and for the whole body.

Endospheres therapy - for the body:

  • Fights cellulite at all stages
  • Eliminates unwanted volumes in the waist, hips, legs, etc.
  • Relieves swelling (removes excess fluid from the body)
  • Pronounced anti-aging effect - stimulates the production of collagen - elastin fibers - proteins that are responsible for skin elasticity and youth
  • Improves lymph flow and reduces venous congestion
  • Helps prevent future venous problems
  • Eliminates delayed onset muscle soreness and fatigue after sports and excercising
  • Stimulates the vascular system, strengthens the walls of blood vessels
  • Helps with rehabilitation

With the help of Endospheres therapy, you can:

  • Rejuvenate and tighten the skin
  • Form a clearer facial contour
  • Make cheekbones more pronounced
  • Remove volumes
  • Remove the second chin, cheeks
  • Relieve puffiness in the area under the eyes
  • Improve face complexion
  • Tone it up
  • Freshen it up

The device is adjusted not only for each client separately, but also for each area of the body separately. On the Endospheres itself there is a sensitive sensor, which itself determines the type of skin and tells what pressure and speed of rotation are necessary for this part of the body. For example, pressure and speed suitable for the abdomen may not be suitable for the hips.

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