Hair ends up to 10 cm

5000 - 6500


Full length

7000 - 10500


Long thick / Very long hair

from 11000



Multi-protein hair straightening

6600 - 8000


Pro Addiction on grown roots



On the hair ends up to 10 cm




Atanelle hair smoothing with lightening, cleansing and hair color correction

9000 - 10000



Perfect hair until the next wash

additionally to styling 1600





Keratin treatment up to 6 months

10000 - 11000


Hair Smoothing effect up to 3 weeks, if supplemented with Kerasilk home care

additionally to styling 2200





With hair toning / Colorless

5000 - 8800

If you are straightening your hair for the first time, if your hair is injured, please ask our stylist to test a strand of hair firstly and check the result of the keratin treatment. Hair can be affected by this product quite well or it smooth out the structure partially - it depends on the history of the processes on your hair and the ethnic characteristics of the structure.


1-2 layers at the face or at the bottom of the back of the head

(Hairstyle is paid additionally)



Bang area

(Hairstyle is paid additionally)



WITHOUT HAIR STYLING How to straighten your hair for a long time. Reviews of masters - what kind of keratin do customers like. How to smooth unruly hair.

Long, shiny, silky, sleek hair - how to straighten your hair permanently?

This is the desire for customers with curly and unruly hair. Curly hair absorbs moisture very much, sticks out in different directions, so they try to straighten them with a styler. This makes them dull and dry. There are neat curls with a uniform, beautiful curl. But for the most part, there are uncontrollable curls, difficult to comb, it does not shine, causes discomfort, and takes time to style. Firstly, such hair is straightened with a styler, which spoils the hair with frequent use. Straightening with a styler has a temporary effect until the first wash or rain. And you would want styling for a long time. If you are the owner of unruly hair, you can do procedures with a temporary effect of smoothing the structure or straighten your hair permanently, and then repeat the service for regrown roots.

Multi-protein hair straightening

The first stage is deep cleansing, then the hair is completely dried to apply the composition. It contains acids, so the hair must be dry so that the acid does not neutralize with water. The composition is kept for 35 minutes. At this time, acids soften disulfide bonds, the structure becomes filled and saturated. The next step is heat polishing with hair straightener. Then the application of a moisturizing mask and final styling. There are no restrictions after the procedure. The result lasts from 6 months and longer. You can pin, braid your hair immediately on the day of the procedure. The procedure is also suitable for unmanageable teen hair. Mums are grateful when their daughters can handle brushing their hair effortlessly.

How to choose Keratin?

Keratin in our salon is offered for all types of hair and split ends. Keratin hair straightening - keratinization is a type of action on the hair structure with a protein composition and heat for straightening. The procedure is lengthy, expensive, and complex in terms of technical execution. For clients who love even styling, keratin is the best way to control frizzy hair.

Expect straightening to last from 3 months. On average, the services involve hair straightening for 6 months. The most popular types of keratin are not healthy or safe. They can be cheaper due to their composition. Keratins are mainly produced in Brazil, where they love smoothing for the convenience of long-term styling of coarse curly hair. In order not to get on an illegal product, do not do the procedure at home. Choose a well-known beauty salon with a long-term positive reputation. Such beauty salons work with official dealerships, and you can request a quality certificate, supplement the procedure with home care. Keratin hair straightening technology is not classified information.

Brazilian hair straightening

Brazilian keratin is now produced in Europe, Israel and the USA, where high quality standards are adopted. The products are more expensive and have specialized keratin types for different types of customers. There are formulas for natural, colored, weakened hair and formulas for blondes. Keratin is not presrcibed for any hair. There are times when the hair is so depleted that any procedure can lead to hair loss due to fragility.

Brazilian Blowout keratin (USA) is used in premium salons. The price of the product is higher than other keratins. Due to its high cost, it is an unpopular keratin brand in Ukraine. Brazilian blowout keratin has been used in our salon for a long time. It has proven itself very well, it constantly updates the formulas, it meets the safety requirements for the health of the master and the client. Professional smoothing procedures Brazilian Blowout are the most innovative and effective, they are the ones our customers really like.

It should be noted that in Kika-Style we adhere to a variety of cosmetic products, since each individual case requires the selection of a certain type of product. Remove fluffiness, curls, make hair mirror-like even for a long time, smooth, but only temporarily and while maintaining the ability to curl the hair, straighten the structure and correct the shade of the hair. Each individual case assumes a personal selection of the product.

Kerasilk Goldwell (Germany)

This procedure has a prolonged temporary effect. When working with a hair straightener there is a pleasant aroma, little evaporation. The service can be performed if the hair is half highlighted. After the procedure, hair is soft, well-groomed, obedient. It is recommended to renew the color after this and other procedures.

The procedure is taught in Ukraine by Goldwell technologist, creative director of Kika-Style at str. Moskovska, 29A - Dmitry Pelymsky.

"Only recently was the updated Kerasilk hair smoothing procedure released. Several protocols have been developed. Keratin treatment - as before, a treatment with an evening effect up to 6 months. De-frizz service - for clients who want to remove frizz and leave a wavy texture. The effect remains for 5- 8 weeks. Kerasilk smoothing service - with keratin and liquid silk for unmanageable, unruly and frizzy hair. This is an at salon treatment. If a series of home treatments are performed after the procedure, the effect lasts up to 3 weeks.

Atanelle, (Israel)

Do you want to get rid of the annoying coloring, but are afraid for the quality of your hair? Atanelle is a suitable service that simultaneously smoothes and lightens dark hair, cleans the color of blondes. All dreams will come true in one go. In the service you get hair straightening, removal and lightening of dark pigment in brunettes, an unwanted shade in blondes.. Straightening without toning the color of brunettes and correcting the color of blondes. Natural hair does not get lightened, it becomes manageable. This effect will appeal to those with frizzy and tangled hair. Straightening treatment is recommended between coloring for blondes, also for highlighted hair. Atanelle technology is available at Kika-Style salons at str. Luteranska, 21 +380962162222 and str. Bolsunovska, 2 (opposite the IQ business center) +380674661106.

Japanese keratin, lamination, phytolamination - many different modern names that only professionals understand. But the client must get a personal, corresponding result.

Pay attention to phytolamination

At Kika-Style with LUQUIAS from LEBEL (Japan). It is sealing process of hair with shine and tint. Manufacturer - Takara Belmont - the creator of the most beloved Japanese hair care "Absolute Happiness for Hair".

Newcomers to the market make a loud statement about themselves, but not all live up to the expectations of the masters. The stylists of our salons regularly attend trainings on this type of service in order to choose a suitable premium product for clients. The quality of the hair after the procedure, the positive results have compiled a list of services that have received the most positive reviews from clients and masters. Each brand has a specific procedure. Therefore, be sure to consult with the master before starting the procedure. In safe formulations, formaldehyde is replaced. The latest generation products have good ratings, but the price of such procedures is much higher. That is why few masters work with such products on the market.

Express hair lamination K-Water

Kerastase K-Water is the first plastic treatment to create shiny, light and thick hair. The bestselling service includes the application of an ultra-light polishing compound. It affects only those areas of the hair that need it. Creates an ultra-thin top layer on the hair surface. The result is a mirror-like shine, silky soft, light and thick hair. Hair improves instantly. Polishing your hair for a flawless style with our new exclusive salon service will take a few extra minutes. This effect is not permanent until the next wash.

Japanese hair straightening

The service in the salon is intended for those clients who cannot cope with styling fluffy hair and dream of smoothness. The curl is not smoothed, but relaxes a little, the hair becomes smoother and denser. The procedure is suitable for fine Slavic hair. The brand claims to retain the effect for 2 months, but according to customer experience, with professionally selected care, the effect on the hair lasts 3-4 months.

Over time, the hair structure returns to its original state, there is no cancellation effect. The procedure takes 2.5 - 3.5 hours, depending on the length and thickness of the hair. The procedure is incompatible with hair coloring. You need an interval of 2 weeks before or after coloring your hair.

Japanese lissage is performed at Kika-Style salon at blv. Lesi Ukrainky, 30b +380674661200

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