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PRICE FOR photoshoots and video Accompaniment of Festive EVENTS by hairstylist and makeup artist


Including edit of a video up to 1 minute

    ~ € 300 / 2 working hours

Invite the operator and host of KIKA-STYLE TV to the event

    ~ € 700 / 2 working hours


The cost depends on the photographer, an average of ~ € 200 - 500

    All photos will be provided in suitable for printing quality.

    Selected by a client can further be edited by a professional photo editor who works for fashion magazines

    € 20 - 50 / photos

    Stylists work during photoshoots - following salon's price list. Away service – double the rate.

    Stylists, photographer, video operator travel abroad - additional to services - payment for flight, accommodation, food

    € 60 / day / person

    Outbound for the selection of clothing - individually hourly.

    Studio shooting directly in the salon at the Moskovska str., 29A already included, additionally not paid.

    Total cost, including the work of makeup artist and hair stylist, photographer and operator, with the creation of photos and video, can make on average € 700 - 1000 / for 2 working hours. The cost depends on the category of photographer and artists (styl

    Additionally, you can order printing - photo-book, advertisement in a magazine, postcards, calendars, billboards etc.