Skin care & Anti-age


Skin care & Anti-age

Facial massage 700-1000 Uah (25-36€)

Ultrasonic facial cleansing + skincare 1000 Uah (36€)

Acne treatment 1000-1300 Uah (36-46€)

Fruit acid Peeling from 1500 Uah (54€)

Massage + Forlle`d nano-skincare 2000 Uah (72€)

Mask / Collagen 1000 Uah (36€)

Oxy Jet Leo de Luxe from 600 Uah (22€)

Injection from 1500 Uah (54€)

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RF lifting / Endermologie LPG Systems from 700 Uah (25€)

Lip fillers / Threads face lift from 6000 Uah (215€)


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Our aim is to offer our clients a professional service using the latest non-surgical aesthetic procedures. Facial will solve problems of acne scarring, blemishes and sun-damaged, dry, dehydrated and problematic oily skin. We provide various types of treatments ranging from anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers, depigmentation to termolifting, which is a collagen activator for a denser firmer face. Many unique treatments are also available for skin rejuvenation hydration and vitality. These treatments will give you a more youthful appearance. Whether there are wrinkles around your eyes or loss of volume in your face, you can get rid of it all.

All of our doctors have had over 10 years of medical practice. They are highly qualified and knowledgeable. They continue to receive an ongoing training in new techniques and procedures. When you first come to one of our salons you will receive a free consultation