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It is possible to look younger without a plastic surgery

Ulthera SMAS Lifting One line (flash) 3 Euro at UAH rate

There is a discount for regular clients of the salon. When buying more than 500 lines - 2.5 Euro / 1 line

    Dark circles under the eyes removal

    Eye bags removal

    Nasolabial folds removal

    Face SMAS lifting

    SMAS lifting neck lift

    SMAS neckline rejuvenation

    SMAS lifting of the eye area

    SMAS cheekbones strengthening

    SMAS lifting of the lower third of the face

    SMAS lifting for sagging cheeks treatment

    SMAS lifting of the inner thigh

    SMAS lifting, strengthening, smoothing of abdominal skin stretch marks

    The number of flashes is prescribed by the doctor during a consultation

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    Cost of one flash 3 Euro

    For regular customers - discounts with the ULTHERA card

    SUBMENTAL ZONE - this is the name of the submandibular area

FACE Protocol 5.0 plus Protocol 800

  • Whole face, including the submental zone 504 lines
  • Upper eyelid lifting 80 lines
  • Upper and lower eyelid lifting 98 lines
  • Middle and lower third of the face 266 lines
  • Submental zone 140 lines

FACE Protocol 800

  • Whole face, including the submental zone 800 lines
  • Upper eyelid lifting 58 lines
  • Upper and lower eyelid lifting 140 lines
  • Middle and lower third of the face 390 lines
  • Submental zone 270 lines

FACE sensor DS10-1.5. For patients who need to improve skin turgor.

  • Whole face, including the submental zone 450 lines

NECK - addition to DS4-4.5 and DS7-3.0 sensors - DS10-1.5 sensor.

  • Neck (DS4-4.5 and DS7) Not including the submental zone 300 lines
  • Including the submental zone. Neck (DS4-4.5, DS7-3.0 and DS10-1.5) 530 lines
  • Not including the submental zone. Neck (DS4-4.5, DS7-3.0 and DS10-1.5) 450 lines
  • Including submental zone 800 lines


  • Decollete 280 lines

These protocol recommendations are based on average statistics, apply exclusively when using the original device and nozzles of Ulthera System


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Ulthera Kiev

Ulthera Kiev

Face and body lifting, ultrasonic SMAS-lifting Ulthera System (USA) Arrow

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Ulthera SMAS lifting is the most effective anti-age therapy. The Ulthera SMAS lifting device is presented in our salon - the original device (USA). Doctors use only original nozzles. The best price in Kiev is offered for Kika-Style customers. Want to get a special offer? Sign up for a consultation.

Be careful when signing up for a SMAS lifting service of face and body. There are reflash and already used maniples, as well as non-original devices on the market. There is a discount for customers of our salon. Learn about the details from our salon administrator on Lutheran street, 21



Ulthera - strengthening of skin turgor due to structural transformations stimulating renewal, strengthening the frame of the face and body. Ask Dr. Alena Mayboroda a question, sign up for a consultation in a beauty salon on the Lutheran street, 21:

Doctors of aesthetic medicine claim that the best results of rejuvenation for those who want to avoid surgical skin lifting are observed among regular customers in the protocol of a combination of device procedure and thread lifting. The Ulthera SMAS lifting and thread lifting procedures performed in the correct order give the strongest rejuvenation effect for women older than 35 years old.

Want to look better, do not postpone a consultation with a doctor. Rejuvenation is available in our salon. Why not take this opportunity now?