Oxygen mesotherapy
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Oxygen mesotherapy

OXYjet LEO de Luxe

Oxygen mesotherapy

The procedure takes an average of 60 minutes. Price from 2000 UAH

    Filling mimic wrinkles (eye area, lips, face) Lip swelling with lifting

    Orbital eye area lifting with deep wrinkle reduction

    Swollen lips with lifting

    Lip augmentation with lifting of the nasolabial triangle

    Mesotherapy at the first signs of skin aging: moisturizing, toning, smoothing fine wrinkles

    Intensive nutrition and firming of mature skin (face / décolleté)

    Face contour lifting - cleansing, regeneration and oxygen skin rejuvenation with collagen

    Oxygen stimulation with cleansing and lifting, smoothing wrinkles

    Oxygen strengthening and toning of the neck and deep décolleté

    Oxygen Treatment for Acne

    Oxygen pigmentation treatment

    Oxygen treatments for bust and body

    The use of the oxy jet oxygen needle in beauty care


Preparation for any treatment, OXY peeling, acne therapy

  • Makeup remover, exfoliation Oxy-Tox 500
  • Non-injection mesotherapy with oxygen needle 1500
  • Oxygen peeling with enzyme mask, oxygen mesotherapy, cream 2000
  • Complete cleansing regenerating care: Oxy - peeling, activation of the activator with an oxygen needle, enzyme exfoliant - cream, moisturizing, light therapy 3500
  • Acne skin health care 3500 - 4000

Collagenesis - Anti-Age collagen stimulation (face, neck, décolleté)

  • Oxy oxygen needle care with collagen sheet 2000
  • Oxygen treatment with collagen leaf and booster 2500
  • Enzyme Purifying Mask 1000
  • Concentrates for filling, smoothing wrinkles 500 - 1000
  • Complete Collagen Sheet Treatment 3500 - 4000

    - ARP with stem cells

    - Сaviar

    - Brightening Brightening

    - 3 PLL Active Collagen

    - Aloe Vera Calming

3D Lip filling + Eye area relaxation

  • Rejuvenation of lips and skin around the mouth
  • Contour alignment, volume filling
  • Makeup remover, exfoliant cream, moisturizing 1000
  • Lip Contour Booster for wrinkles around the mouth (smoker's wrinkles, wrinkles from expression spasm under stress) 1000
  • Lip volume filling 1000
  • Orbital eye area lifting
  • Perfect Eye Zone concentrate with oxygen pressure massage 1000
  • Complete procedure
  • Orbital zone lifting, lip filling, with oxygen needle stimulation of the face, neck, décolleté 3500 - 4000

OXYjet - Cryotherapy for lifting and strengthening blood vessels

  • Ampoule and cryo CRYO2 - manipule 1500
  • Cooling mask optionally 600
  • Cryotherapy, collagen leaf concentrate / Cool Mask, make-up removal included 3500
  • Cryotherapy, collagen leaf concentrate / Cool Mask, inhalation, make-up removal included 4000

OXYjet complex therapy (all inclusive)

  • Anti-pigmentation alignment of face and neck tone 3500
  • Lymphatic drainage, cleansing - detox, hydration 3500
  • Relaxation and restoration of the skin after sunburn 3500
  • RED CARPET BEAUTY-TOX Instant red carpet result 3500

Oxygen inhalation / Light therapy for care

  • In addition to treatment 500

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Oxygen infusion mesotherapy

Oxygen infusion mesotherapy

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Oxygen therapy

OXYjet Leo De lux

Non-invasive oxygen mesotherapy, also peeling, dermabrasion for the face and body using the Oxyjet apparatus is a pleasant and effective procedure. Taking into account the feedback from our regular customers, an additional OXYjet Leo De lux was purchased for the salon. This exclusive service is available in two of our salons.

Beauty salon at Antonovicha 18

Beauty salon at Lutheranska 21

The new Oxyjet device includes not only an oxygen needle, a pure oxygen inhalation mask, but also light therapy technology. Light helps lower cortisol levels and increase serotonin levels. With a 40-minute session with LED facials and oxygen therapy, your wellness hormones get you back in top shape. After such treatment, you feel more beautiful and younger.

Rejuvenation method

About 26 - 30 years old there is a feeling that the skin condition becomes more difficult to control. But clients after 35+ note that it was more difficult for them to adapt to age-related skin changes before. It is necessary to go through a kind of "transitional" age of the skin. During this period, procedures and cosmetics help to establish relationships with your skin. In order not to waste time, use the recommendations of cosmetologists. They have many years of observation experience. This will help to tidy up the skin literally in one go. But you have to be realistic. Your skin will be cared for as much as you let it. Regular grooming is essential.

Kika-style beauty salons offer effective anti-aging treatments. Among all the variety of injection techniques, doctors choose those that give the most pronounced result, are safe and well tolerated.