Removal of age spots (cryo)
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Removal of age spots (cryo)

Frost removal of age spots, pigmentation, papillomas, warts

Removal of age spots, papillomas, warts - cryotherapy Accurett (Belgium)

Cryotherapy Accurett - removal of age spots, freezing

  • Removal of age spots up to 2 cm UAH 800

Removal of pigmentation, a group of age spots

  • Accurett - the face area UAH 1000
  • Accurett - the neck area UAH 1000
  • Accurett - the decollete area UAH 1000
  • Accurett - the hands UAH 1000
  • Accurett - body 1 area up to 10 cm UAH 1000

Removal of papillomas, freezing

  • Cryodestruction of a single papilloma UAH 800
  • Cryodestruction of a group of papillomas up to 5 cm UAH 1000
  • Cryodestruction of a group of papillomas up to 10 cm UAH 2000

Removal of warts, freezing

  • Removing a small wart UAH 1000

Skin care before and after the procedure

  • Cleansing and finishing skin care UAH 500 - 800

To remove age spots, papillomas, warts, a cooling device for a dermatological procedure Accurett (Belgium) is used. Freezing is used to eliminate clear-cut pigmentation, small superficial imperfections such as, age spots and superficial viral warts.

Accurett uses carbon dioxide (CO2) cartridges. The device provides "soft freezing", making the procedure easier, sufficient to freeze surface defects and accelerate healing.

Effective impact and visible results from the first session.

Accurett works from the first use. A session in the cosmetologist's office takes no more than 10 - 30 minutes. It is an exceptional and fast treatment for pigmentation disorders.

It takes about two weeks of healing to completely remove any superficial skin lesions treated with Accurett.

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