Hair style & Make-up by Kika-style Hair style & Make-up by Kika-style Save The Date Wedding Hair&Make-up by Kika-style Label Lab Look Label Lab Look aw 2015/16 by Kika-style Comfort Zone Kika-style for men Kino studio Smart style by Kika-style Spy girls Young and clever Кika-style for fashion week Кika-style for UFW и MBKFD Sweet Gourmet Displaying trends of high hairdressing in the synthesis of the ideas of haute cuisine. As an art ss 2012 Morning to evening performance Jewelry: Crystal Group Ukraine Night of magic Slim and elegant style: Defile by Ezhevski 3 DAYS OF PEACE AND MUSIC Big eyes, hair and accessories... We want fiction, something irrational. Change the surrounding reality. Games about feelings You can't be free from the senses, but the feelings don't need freedom. MAh hair Natural colors, soft blend colors, fashion weaves, natural volume, glossy sheen luxurious hair. People as birds… The motions in the air To be free ... Not by mind, but by feelings, to find own way to make big jumps to infinity. Nature Inspired by Nature FAIRY TALES AND FANTASY Children living in the magical world of fairy tales and fantasies, inspired this collection. One day The best style for brides Nadine Kika-style 2015 Let me... Kika-style ss 2015 Just for men Le tapis rouge Kids & Teens Kids&Teens by Kika-style Dress code 15-year anniversary Kika-style 15-year anniversary Games & Feelings Nabis Generation is a legacy of the era, which remained as a memory and will never happen again. Flame Reborn from the ashes, as in the myths. Wedding Unforgettable images for unique moments ... Candid colors Images of water are inspired by nature and history in different parts of the world. All are different and each is unique. TRACES. FRAGMENTS. METAMORPHOSIS Gentle breath of spring, green leaves, flowering gardens... and creative energy of the city. ECO-LOGICAL CLASSROOM ECO is fashionable, because people need it. FERRARI KIDS Legendary Ferrari generation Gloria