Поздравляем Руслану Мороз с выходом в финал

Поздравляем Руслану Мороз с выходом в финал The International Visionary Award 2012

Поздравляем нашего руководителя салона красоты Kika Style - Руслану Мороз с выходом в финал самого престижного The International Visionary Award 2012 (London). Ожидаем с нетерпением выступления Русланы в королевском the Royal Albert Hall 14 октября!


By Ruslana Moroz, Kika-style Ukraine
"...Congratulations, Ruslana!
We are thrilled to inform you that you have been selected as one of the finalists of this year’s International Visionary Award competition. Well done! We have received a record-breaking number of entries this year and the quality of submissions was very high, recognition is well deserved.

The Finals of the International Visionary Award 2012 will take place on Sunday 14th October 2011 at the Royal Albert Hall during the 30th Alternative Hair Show LEGEND. This year we are preparing the most memorable show ever, it will be a day when history is made and we are glad to have you join us for this celebration.
Please note: The International Visionary Award finals will take place on Sunday 14h October and will be a stand-alone presentation within the 2012 Alternative Hair Show... "

Best Wishes,
Anthony Mascolo
President of Alternative Hair

 Больше здесь: BRITAIN IS GREAT
By Ruslana Moroz, Kika-style Ukraine

This is a country to write and dream about. Britain is amazingly eclectic, extraordinarily diverse and unpredictable. There is an amazing aesthetical connection between the ancient wal


ls of the Tower, the late-medieval architecture of the Parliament and architecture of the modern exhibition center, the Millennium Dome. Even the flag of the country became an art object of the generation that grew up listening to indie rock and Brit-pop bands. Britain astonishes with its combination of the royal traditions and the exceptional sympathy to the contemporary social and cultural events.
Britain has is unique and delicate between its past, present and even the future.
In preparation for the first trip to the United Kingdom majority of us usually imagine number of associations: Her Majesty The Queen, royal guards, Buckingham Palace, the famous "five o` clock " tea, Big Ben, double-decker buses, British humor and education. It remained a monarchy and a parliamentary democracy. The Queen is one of the symbols of the country and its traditions, which are passed not through replication, but creative interpretation.

The most amazing thing about visiting Britain is that its always inspires you. Observation becomes the main activity. For those people who create and invent, to visit Britain is as important as for artist to have the paint.

How legends are born? They are referred to covered with glory events and individuals. In a fashion legends become a source of inspiration. Thus, while observing the works of fashion photographer Michelangelo Battista, I recognized a familiar image the Queen’s guard. I decided to go ahead and connect the image of royal British traditions and unrestrained spirit of contemporaneity. Hence, there was created a silhouette of the familiar royal guard and the face of the new, modern hero who boldly expresses himself.

I say: «Britain is Great!» Amazing, strong, and talented!